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Fic: Wonder of Wonders, (Sam/Gene, White Cortina), danae_b

Title: Wonder of Wonders
Author: danae_b
Rating: White Cortina (dialogue only, with maybe a hint of green cortina?)
Pairings: Sam/Gene
Word Count: 1200ish words
Notes: Series of dialogue only ficlets, showing the progression of a relationship. Relatively fluffy.
First posted to tumblr, now crossposted here and AO3.
Summary: Some things that get said, and some things that change along the way.

(Wonder of Wonders)
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Fanart: Over and Done (Sam, White Cortina), danae_b

Title: Over and Done
Artist: danae_b
Rating: White Cortina
Characters: Sam
Notes: Just a silly thing I started sometime last year and finished in September. It sat around on my harddrive close to forever (well, a few months) and I tweaked it a lot during that time but could never work up the nerve to post it. First posted it on tumblr about a week ago, and now, here we are.
Summary: Just Sam, tired of all the bullshit.

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Art: Of Wolf And Man (RP doodles), Sam/Gene, up to brown cortina, by little_cello and fern-tree

Title: Of Wolf And Man (RP doodles)
Artists: little_cello and fern_tree
Rating: up to Brown Cortina for blood, just to be on the safe side (copious amounts of both Sam!whump and Gene!whump... though actually that ratio is around 30/70 here)
Pairing: Sam/Gene (basically Friends to Lovers over the course of the story)
Notes: Fern and I are still RPing, and our werewolf!Gene thread has been a much-loved favourite of ours ever since we started it last March (and it's still going strong!). We exchanged doodles and sketches over the last year, so I thought it'd be nice to compile them in one post, and maybe even wet people's appetites to go have a read over at Roleplay on Mars. ;)

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Fic: Eight Random Drabbles, (various characters, various pairings, White Cortina), danae_b

Title: Eight Random Drabbles
Author: danae_b
Rating: White Cortina (some established relationship, some gen, some friendship, some hints of OT3)
Characters: 1) Sam and Gene (Sam/Gene); 2) Sam and CID et al; 3-5) Sam, Annie, Gene (Sam/Annie, Sam/Gene); 6-8) Sam, Annie, Gene (OT3-ish)
Word Count: 8 x 100
Notes: One final batch of make-up drabbles inspired by the weekly challenge, though the future could always hold more!

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Art: Art dump, Inktober edition, white cortina, by little_cello

Title: Art Dump, Inktober edition
Artist: little_cello
Rating: White Cortina, nothing wild, just a wheeny bit of angst somewhere in between
Characters: Sam, Gene, Annie
Notes: I kind of did Inktober last year, so it thought I'd share the spoils here. :) Enjoy!

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Feb 11 2017, 1:00PM: "My London" with John Simm (radio show)

John Simm will be in tomorrow's episode of "My London" on BBC Radio London at 13:00 GMT, talking to Gary Crowley about his memories of the capital, for a whole 60 minutes!

Catch the show here - I believe the BBC radio programmes are all accessible worldwide - and if you can't listen to it live, it should be available for at least another week after airing. :)

(And on a side-not, don't forget to catch John Simm in the next series of The Catch, airing March 9th - Rhys has been promoted to regular! And who doesn't need more Rhys in their lives.)