Brad Chase (brad_chase) wrote in lifein1973,
Brad Chase

Brit v. Yank: The American Script

I had a gander at the David E. Kelley script for the American pilot of "Life on Mars" and it was kind of fun to compare the new script to the BBC version. Yes, I realize it is sheer blasphemy to bring up this sacriledge, but I'm perversley curious to watch the remake. Don't bash me against the office wall!

To compare, I chose the iconic first meeting between Sam and Gene. One difference is the year. BBC Sam wakes up in 1973. The American Sam is swaggering around in 1972:

Sam: Surprise me. What year is it supposed to be?
[The violent slam against the wall part]
Hunt: They reckon you got a concussion. Well, I couldn't give a tart's bloody cup if half your brains are falling out. Don't ever waltz into my kingdom acting king of the jungle.
Sam: Who the hell are you?
Hunt: Gene Hunt, your DCI and it's 1973. Almost dinner time.

DEK remake:
Sam: What year is it supposed to be?
Hunt: What year do you think it is, son?
Sam: It's 2007. And who the hell are you?
Hunt: Gene Hunt. Welcome aboard, come on in, we'll get you all set up.
[The American version of the smash against the wall]
Hunt: You listen to me... I've had a coupla bad experiences with time travelers, so I'm in no fucking mood! This is MY Department, it's 1972, and that concludes your orientation.

Read Sam's script (8 pages, pdf format)

My apologies if I should have put the script behind a cut or if someone has already shared the U.S. script here. I've not kept up for the last few months. I've been meaning to post this since February.
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