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Fans of Life On Mars
Searching for a vid 
25th-Aug-2019 12:53 pm

So I've gone headfirst back into LoM fandom the past few weeks - its been a delight rewatching the show after a few years and going back to rediscover all the old (and some new) fics.

There is one thing I have been hunting for since the start though which I cant find. There was a fanvid, Sam/Gene, set to Imogen Heap's 'Hide and Seek'. I've had the song stuck in my head since I started rewatching and rereading as I adored the video and watched it so many times years ago.

Does anyone know where I might be able to find it again?

25th-Aug-2019 12:49 pm (UTC)
Hey, there! *waves* Glad you're rewatching LoM :D

I absolutely remember this vid, it's one of my all time faves, I also watched it so many times and kept it saved on a memory stick. It's by evil_demandred (who also wrote Some Days Nothing Goes Right) and they've since purged their LJ? There might be a fandom etiquette issue with sharing a vid which someone has removed...but for the sake of nostalgia? It's been 12 years. I have some space on my Dropbox, it's 40MB. Hopefully you can view it at this link:


Sorry I can't figure out how to make Dropbox allow things to be downloaded, it's possible that's now a paid feature, yikes.
(Deleted comment)
25th-Aug-2019 04:24 pm (UTC)

Oh, wow!

I cant believe someone answered - and that you were able to find it! I am so so grateful. I'm absolutely the same about this video - it was always my fav and I watched it over and over but the laptop i downloaded it on is long dead now.

I cant believe its been 12 years, either. I do have to say for anyone thinking about rewatching - the show is still absolutely brilliant, and holds up flawlessly. If it wasnt for the old ipod in Sam's car when he's run over and the Britney references, it could easily have been made in the last couple of years.

Agreed, too, about the quality of the fic. Can't tell you how much of a joy it is to be reading Loz's work again!

Long live the LoM fandom!

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