talkingtothesky (talkingtothesky) wrote in lifein1973,

Thank you; and new beginnings

I first stumbled across this community the night Season 2, Episode 6 aired in the UK, which according to Wikipedia was 27th March 2007. On 5th May 2007, I posted my first LoM fic. Since then I simply cannot count the number of wonderful people I've met / chatted to / shared ideas and all kinds of fanworks with. It's been a phenomenal 10 years, and I am so proud of our corner of fandom. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for shaping our lives with love for a TV show.

Following previous posts on the subject, which you can see here and here (members locked), I would like to formally invite you all over to our Dreamwidth community:

You can still post on the LJ comm if you want to, I will continue to import any new developments here over to Dreamwidth. But I'd like the DW version not to be just a back-up from now on.

If you'd like to make the DW community look and feel that little bit more like this one, you can claim your LJ OpenID and link it to your Dreamwidth account.

I really hope we can make a fresh start on DW while still sharing the love for 1973.

To quote our beloved Sam Tyler: "Whichever strange place you find yourself in, make that your home."
Tags: dreamwidth back-up, general squee, modly things
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