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Fanart: Art Dump, Postcard Edition, white cortina, Sam & Gene, by little_cello

Title: Art Dump, Postcard Edition
Artist: little_cello
Rating: White Cortina
Characters: Sam, Gene, Ivanhoe
Notes: A collection of postcards I did over the last few months - they've been very relaxing to do. So relaxing that I barely touched digital art for over half a year, really.


This was a giveaway prize for breval which I owed her since September 2015... yeah, not proud of myself there. In my defense, life got crazy busy. Anyway, when I owe art, I do eventually get to it... though it may take over a year haha. I as quite happy with how this turned out, in the end. :) Done with  ol' water colours.

Another one for breval - I drew it as a little apology for taking so long with the original give-away prize. I was really happy with how his expression turned out. <3 Used my Kuretake Zig brush pens for this.

This was slightly experimental - I tried using the Kuretake Zig pens more like watercolours and less like markers. For some reason I had huge troubles figuring out Sam's face, so the paper ended up tearing where I had erased too much... hence the very rough look in the facial area. I guess it adds something... special... to it? Either, I'm happy enough with the end result. I also challenged myself to use colours I don't normally use often - green, in this case! Plus I've been craving to just draw all the characters in kind of everyday situations, like work etc, and I feel I got Sam's skeptic face down pretty well? So, yay.

Same concept here - use colours I don't usually do, and draw a pose that's convincingly everyday/work related. I think it worked! And I'm happy with Gene's face shape and expression. Those eyebrows were especially fun to draw. and I think I'm getting more comfortable in this style!


Lastly, something I finished this morning. :) The concept popped into my head about a month ago, but I didn't have the time to actually finish this until today. I feel that the scanner ate quite a lot of the hues on this, but apart from that, I like it! I'm especially pleased that my precision has become much better when using a brush with white deleter ink for the outline around Sam! That ink and brush are much harder to control than gel pens, but give me so much nicer results in terms of opacity.

Tags: character: gene, character: ivanhoe, character: sam, fanart, fic type: gen, rating: white cortina
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