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Fans of Life On Mars
Art: Of Wolf And Man (RP doodles), Sam/Gene, up to brown cortina, by little_cello and fern-tree 
24th-Feb-2017 04:11 pm
Title: Of Wolf And Man (RP doodles)
Artists: little_cello and fern_tree
Rating: up to Brown Cortina for blood, just to be on the safe side (copious amounts of both Sam!whump and Gene!whump... though actually that ratio is around 30/70 here)
Pairing: Sam/Gene (basically Friends to Lovers over the course of the story)
Notes: Fern and I are still RPing, and our werewolf!Gene thread has been a much-loved favourite of ours ever since we started it last March (and it's still going strong!). We exchanged doodles and sketches over the last year, so I thought it'd be nice to compile them in one post, and maybe even wet people's appetites to go have a read over at Roleplay on Mars. ;)

The premise is this: Gene is a werewolf, Warren is a werewolf hunter who likes the thought of having a werewolf as lapdog, Edwards is a shapeshifter who does the dirty work for Warren, and Sam... Sam's just not really having a good time, all in all. He certainly never thought that on top of coma-timetravelling, he'd get caught up in something as dark as this.
We've set the plot in ep 1.04, so in a way it's AU and AR in one? or just AR? These things always confuse me. At any rate, here goes!

Not really part of the RP, but set within 1.04, so I thought I'd share it nonetheless - call it a prelude. Iirc I drew this on the train? So excuse the scribbly lines and bad quality, editing a wobbly phone photo is hard!

Prelude #2 - Gene as a wolf! Fern wanted to keep the lion persona up so they combined a wolfie and a lion-y look to create this magnificent creature. I mean, just look at that mane. *_*

I requested this one from Fern. >:) Sam is attacked by Edwards, who was merely supposed to kill him, but being the horrible beast he is, Edwards takes his sweet time and toys with his prey. Long enough for Gene, in wolf form due to the full moon, to come to the rescue like the knight in furry armour he is. Also, not to worry, Sam's face is mostly intact.


Oh dear. Warren being the horrible horrible person he is, he breaks his deal with Gene and decides to finally make him into a rug. Which of course means that Gene gets thoroughly humiliated in the process. And tortured. There's a lot of torture going on, believe you me.


Of course Fern had to have their fun with this as well - and who can blame them, eh? >:)


(fern_tree & little_cello)
But fear not! Sam comes to the rescue JUST before Warren is able to actually kill Gene (doh). Warren gets clobbered over the head, all is fine and dandy - except for the fact that Gene still needs to survive the night with all that bloodloss, and wait until he changes back to his human form. Which means... CUDDLES.
Incidentally, this is a collab! Fern did the beautiful composition and lines, and I added my brushpen magic. /o/
And yes, we forgot the scars on Sam's face. Shame on us. SHAME.


At last, the night is through... but will Gene make it?!


Of course he does. We whump, but we never kill.

There's a lot more angst going on - Gene needs to heal, and Sam didn't come out of this mentally unscathed either, but at LAST....

HAPPY CUDDLES. That I drew for Fern for Valentine's Day this year. <3 We've not finished the thread yet, but I assure you that HAPPY CUDDLES will happen.

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed - and I do apologise for my jumpiness in styles! I never really settle for long, and this last year has been especially turbulent for me in terms of art. Do give the RP a read if you feel so inclined, as there are a lot more delicious whumpy and shippy details that I left out here. We're super happy with our story, so we hope you'll enjoy it too. <3
27th-Feb-2017 05:25 pm (UTC)
These are great! Werewolf!Gene is magnificent and I especially love the ones with them together.

Not a big fan of whump as you may remember, but I might have a look at the story anyway :)
27th-Feb-2017 07:41 pm (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed them! <3 YES, I loooove werewolf!Gene's design. The mane especially. <3333

Ohhh in that case, you might want to either tread with care or stay away entirely - there's a lot of whump going on. No lasting damage, mutilations or anything, but it's still quite... graphic. And Sam has a nightmare in the last third that's really quite bad (graphic character death, non-con, and.... things). So if you don't like that kind of stuff, maybe either skip over those bits? Or... yeah. I mean I'm really happy you're interested in reading the RP, but I don't want you to come across something you don't want to see. ; v; Have a look around the other threads though, if you like? <3 we don't always let things get as bloody as we did in this one, haha.
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