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Art: Art dump, Inktober edition, white cortina, by little_cello

Title: Art Dump, Inktober edition
Artist: little_cello
Rating: White Cortina, nothing wild, just a wheeny bit of angst somewhere in between
Characters: Sam, Gene, Annie
Notes: I kind of did Inktober last year, so it thought I'd share the spoils here. :) Enjoy!

#1 - just a bit of a late-night warm up. I hadn't been drawing much before that point so I just wanted something simple to get back into the swing of things.

#2 - Did I say I wanted simple things for Inktober? Well, uh... yeah. I have to say this was really fun and therapeutic to though, all the scribbly-scrabbly on his jacket. Getting his face right was a struggle.

#3 - Oh boy, this was the day I bought my first Kuretake Zig Cleancolor Brushpen. I am. In love. With those. I don't have my copics with me right now, and getting water colours out takes time that I often don't have, so these water-based brushpens are a godsent. I only bought a black one at first in the spirit of Inktober, but now I own around... 20? 30? I'm not sure. But I love them to BITS.

#4 - More fun with the Kuretake Zig brushpens, this time on watercolour postcard paper. Even happier with this.


#5 - Ehhh this one went wonky. The neon pink wouldn't scan properly so I had to take a picture, and... idk. I liked the sketch better. Still, it was fun, and I'm pretty happy with how I drew his hand.


"... okay. Brief me in full. What do I need to know?"
"She's a pain in the arse."

"So you, what, handed her into lost property?"

"Thick walls."

#6 & #7: Birth of a new style. I really like it - I still need to figure it out entirely, especially as I haven't drawn any fullbodies with it yet, but I feel that when I do get a handle on it, it feels really nice and flowy. Drawing expressions is especially fun!

For anyone who's confused about the numbers on the drawings: I alternated between fanart for LoM and Endeavour. :)
Tags: character: annie, character: gene, character: sam, fanart, genre: angst, rating: white cortina
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