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Fans of Life On Mars
Feb 11 2017, 1:00PM: "My London" with John Simm (radio show) 
10th-Feb-2017 05:24 pm
John Simm will be in tomorrow's episode of "My London" on BBC Radio London at 13:00 GMT, talking to Gary Crowley about his memories of the capital, for a whole 60 minutes!

Catch the show here - I believe the BBC radio programmes are all accessible worldwide - and if you can't listen to it live, it should be available for at least another week after airing. :)

(And on a side-not, don't forget to catch John Simm in the next series of The Catch, airing March 9th - Rhys has been promoted to regular! And who doesn't need more Rhys in their lives.)
11th-Feb-2017 10:18 am (UTC)
You're welcome~

O: you didn't?! Oh my god. Yeah you're right, it's an American show, it aired on ABC iirc? But you *should* be able to buy/stream it on Amazon's instant video service, or whatever it's called. Just try searching "The Catch season 1" and see what comes up. Sadly there is no UK/EU DVD release date yet, but I really hope it'll be coming after series 2...

Anyway, the show itself - it's very sleek, very fast, and I guess it can be a bit hit and miss, but so far everyone I've talked to who watched it because of JS loved it instantly. It's very funny and doesn't take itself super seriously, plus all the women are AMAZING. And Rhys is the craziest Simm's gone since he played the Master, and it's just... ahh. I love Rhys a lot. I don't want to say he's like the Master, but there's definitely something slightly unhinged about him. You'll have to wait for 5 or 6 eps until he makes his entrance, but believe you me, it's worth it. Let me know if you give it a go, yeah? <3
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