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Fic: Eight Random Drabbles, (various characters, various pairings, White Cortina), danae_b

Title: Eight Random Drabbles
Author: danae_b
Rating: White Cortina (some established relationship, some gen, some friendship, lots of vagueness, some of these could maybe be during series but 'When It Pours' is definitely post-series)
Characters: 1) Sam and Gene (1 of 3); 2) Sam and Gene (2 of 3); 3) Sam and Gene (3 of 3); 4) Sam, Annie and Gene (Sam/Annie/Gene); 5) Sam and Gene; 6) Phyllis (Phyllis knows what's going on); 7) Sam and Gene; 8) Sam and Gene
Word Count: 8 x 100
Notes: Another batch of make-up drabbles inspired by the weekly challenge. Second set of three!

Way It Goes

Sam and Gene
Prompt was 'repeat', 1 of 3

It's a tricky bastard they're working with today – Manning's story hasn't wavered, even though Gene's had him repeat it seven times. Sam was right, he hadn't even flinched at the promised threat of copious amounts of bodily harm: so, when Sam finally steps up to take Gene's place, Manning smirks, thinking he already knows their game. Sam's the good cop to Gene's bad.

Only, they'd planned on that too, and there's something wild in the way Sam carries himself. That gives Manning a moment's pause.

Good cop/bad cop is fun, but no one plays mad cop as well as Sam.

World Goes Round

Sam and Gene
Prompt was 'repeat', 2 of 3

At first, Gene hated the idea. Sam played it crazy with Crane, and that'd been a bloody close call; he wouldn't let Sam run wild and risk everything, and just to prove a point. Only Sam (and Annie) had known it was more than Sam playing, and this wouldn't be a repeat of all those same mistakes.

Sam wasn't risking anything. It was one more strength of his, not a weakness. Gene had manipulated him into investigating the rest of the team after Billy Kemble's cell-death, and hadn't batted a lash.

Of course, only Sam would put it like that.

What Gets Said

Sam and Gene
Prompt was 'repeat', 3 of 3

Sam asks what's changed. Gene could take the piss out of him if they weren't both sober, but as it is, he isn't even half-cut. Gene ponders the question, his response: it's complicated, just like Sam. Sam shifts about. 'What? Don't tell me, you're stumped. I'm reading it all wrong – nothing has actually changed.'

Gene huffs. Sam grins, takes a sip of his drink. 'You matter, that's all,' he says, and Sam chokes a little as he swallows.


'You heard me, Tyler – no point in trying to make me repeat myself.'

And Sam smiles, clinks his glass against Gene's.


Sam, Annie, Gene (Sam/Annie/Gene)
Prompt was 'gratitude'

He isn't burnt out but some days are more impossible than others: the crimes never stop and the blood stains darker, and nothing matters anyhow so why keep trying? Annie's attempts at reaching out to him fall short, so she turns to Gene; Gene, who won't let Sam hide behind self pity. He drags Sam out of it kicking, screaming, resolute where Sam wavers.

It's funny how they navigate the tricky waters of his specific idiosyncrasies together, always giving him what he needs, knowing him inside and out.

His gratitude never seems enough. They're what he's living for, after all.


Sam and Gene
Prompt was 'safe'

'It's me,' Sam says, voice small. 'I'm the link between the victims.'

Not for the first time ever, Gene doesn't want to believe. 'Not that bollocks again -- '

'It's the truth! Somebody is killing people I know before I ever get a chance to meet them! No one is safe, Guv! There's no telling who might be next!'

'Don't be so bloody Dorothy about it, Tyler!

'But Guv -- '

'You aren't to blame! Have some faith in our deductive prowess, we'll get the bastard yet.'

'Oh?' Sam's eyes are haunted, his smile is paper thin. 'But what if he gets you first?'

The Proof

Prompt was 'appointment'

The Guv says it's his own sorry luck, down two members of his team and him left picking up the slack. Phyllis is sharper than that, has sussed out the hidden truths and kept them to herself: he couldn't be more obvious if he tried.

He hates being at work while Sam's with Annie at her ultrasound appointment, finding out whether the baby's a boy or a girl, and who even knows who the father is, given how the lot of them carry on? For some things, she's not one to judge.

The love is real, there's no denying that.

When It Pours

Sam and Gene; the song wasn't released until 1977, so that's what year this drabble is probably set in!
Prompt was 'weather'

Gene's tapping his fingers against the steering wheel as the song starts, and Sam shakes his head, grinning. 'God, this song. I swear, it only ever plays when it's pouring down.' He glances out the rain-speckled window as Mr Blue Sky continues. 'Doubt we'll get anything here, Rhys won't unload those guns in weather like this. Why don't we call it a night, try again tomorrow? Maybe then the sky will be blue.'

Gene huffs and squeezes his shoulder, affectionately tight. 'What, Manchester? You're out of your bloody mind.'

Sam smiles back at him, and the rain keeps falling down.

Helping Hand

Sam and Gene
Prompt was 'future'

'...just wait until you see the internet.'

'The what?'

'The internet. It's both the best and worst thing the world has ever known. A vast sea of limitless knowledge, cat pictures, and porn. But mostly cat pictures.'

'Can you... can you stop acting like you're predicting the future for one sodding minute and help me figure out this bloody... computer, instead?'

'Sure thing, Gene. Let's just boot...'

'...porn, you said?'

'Some of the scariest you'll ever see.'

'Are you suggesting it's something the Gene Gene couldn't handle?'

'Maybe I am.'

'You're such a git.'

'Takes one to know one, Guv.'
Tags: character: annie, character: gene, character: sam, fic, fic type: het, fic type: slash, genre: angst, genre: bittersweet, genre: drabble, genre: established relationship, genre: fluff, pairing: sam/annie/gene, rating: white cortina
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