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Fans of Life On Mars
The Weekly Drabble Challenge 364 - Seven Random Words 
3rd-Feb-2017 07:24 pm
I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that you may respond to the drabble challenge at ANY point during the week, not only the day that it's posted. You can also use the awfully handy "track this" button if you want to keep an eye on it.

The rules, such as they are:
1) A drabble is, by definition, a 100-word story. As this is a drabble challenge and not a snippet-challenge, all responses should be 100 words exactly, no exceptions. You may also choose to respond to this challenge with a five-minute sketch.
2) I have been asked to keep this to a single posting a week to avoid cluttering people's flists. So, drabbles will be posted as individual comments under the posting. IF you would like to post your drabble on your own LJ and link to it that's all right too. Just put that link in a comment under the posting.
3) PLEASE try to remember to put the word DRABBLE in the subject line of your comment. That way anyone who might want to read them will be able to easily spot the drabbles in amongst any reader comments the drabbles might receive.

RATING: Rather than worrying about individual headings I'm just going to say that any drabbles posted for these challenges might be a Brown or even Red Cortina for content/language, so let the reader beware!

PLEASE try to remember to make each drabble a comment in response to the original post. That way, if the comments start to collapse, the drabbles themselves should remain visible. Thanks.


It's been a while, but here goes nothing!
brace yourself
4th-Feb-2017 12:32 pm (UTC) - Drabble: Water Palaver (bucket)
Gene got up from his breakfast with a start when he heard a crash and Sam's shout from the garage. He hurried out to see what was wrong. "Sam, what happened?"

"I kicked the bucket," Sam said, gesturing to the puddle of water all over the floor. Then he seemed to hear what he'd said, and started to laugh.

Gene grinned too. He grabbed a mop and began to help Sam clear up. "Long as the car's alright," he said, gesturing to the Cortina, which was out in the driveway waiting to be washed, "I won't have to kill you."
4th-Feb-2017 02:50 pm (UTC) - RE: Drabble: Water Palaver (bucket)
I giggled in delight reading this. I love how you write them and bring them to life <3
4th-Feb-2017 06:59 pm (UTC) - Re: Drabble: Water Palaver (bucket)
Awwww, thank you! ♥
7th-Feb-2017 08:04 pm (UTC) - Drabble: Always a New Beginning
Annie takes care of the food, Gene the booze, and all Sam's expected to do is be there (it's his flat, that's just as easily done as said). He smiles into his drink as they bicker over who's to blame, as if it were criminal to make this new house of his a home.

They stop to stare as he laughs.

'You've never fought about me before, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.'

Annie rolls her eyes, Gene huffs out 'you're missing the point', and they kiss him to shut him up, which was exactly what he was due.
7th-Feb-2017 08:08 pm (UTC) - Drabble: Giving It Thought
'Just... don't you think it's a bit ostentatious? The Guv's plenty loud, but not about his kit.'

'I think it's pretty tasteful... it's not like it's covered in sequins. Oh, but that's a thought.'

'Sam! Stop it!'

'Kidding! Look, I really do think he'll like this. He was hinting about how he needed a new one just the other week.'

'What, Gene Hunt, being subtle?'

'It was like being hit by a tonne of bricks, actually. But I'm sure he'll enjoy this, it's quite flattering.'

'Flattering, eh? What, d'you think it brings out the colour of his eyes?'

'Actually, yes.'
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