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Island at War Parts 5 & 6

In which there is the silly trousers in all their silly glory

Episode Five

The parents of the spy who was shot come to see where their son was killed. The Baron is not pleased to see them there. He and the senator have a little barney about whose garden it is.

The senator accepts the Baron’s challenge but the Baron wasn’t serious and says the senator is too good. Mrs Dorr appeals for Eugene’s body to be given to his parents, the Baron refuses but says he will record where the body is buried so they can dig it up after the war.

The Baron is driven to his HQ but finds the way barred by the islanders who are registering their feelings over Eugene’s execution. The Baron telling his driver to get out and drives his way through the crowd. Not quite the same as the Cortina is it?

He sends his soldiers out to point their guns at them. He notices ‘Mr Brotherson’ in the crowd. He can’t shoot all three of his favourite people can he? The soldiers shoot above the crowd’s heads.

The Baron spots Mrs Dorr taking an apple to Mr Brotherson and decides to join them, in spite of his trousers.

The Baron gives him full marks for his new wall making skills but warns them both against participating in protests like the one in the square.

Episode 6

Loads of plot stuff culminating in Philip Dorr failing to escape the island… again. The Baron needs to get some air and goes outside to find Mrs Dorr fretting.

She doesn’t want to talk to him and tries to leave. The Baron manages to convince her to stay and tells her that he been told that his youngest son has been killed.

The Baron is brooding.

He goes into town and finds Mr Brotherson in jail. He goes in the cell to have a chat. He is sad that he has to shoot him.

The he goes home to see the senator, but the senator isn’t there so he has a chat with Mrs Dorr instead. When he tells her that Mr Brotherson has been arrested she doesn’t quite manage to stop a panic attack and the Baron becomes sure who Mr Brotherson really is.

Mrs Dorr offers to have sex with the Baron… as much as he wants… if he saves her son. Or he can kill her instead... she’s easy.

He’s not that keen and reflects that it is extraordinary that he lost his son the day before hers…

She begs him to save her son.

He doesn’t know how he can.

The senator arrives.

The Baron tells his interrogator that Mr Brotherson was a soldier on leave and went civilian instead of turning himself in, and is not a spy and therefore should be sent to a POW camp. His man disagrees but the Baron isn’t to be dissuaded.

The senator, his son and the Baron’s driver all get shipped off to a French prison because the Baron is the good egg. Mrs Dorr returns home from seeing them off. She thanks the Baron for saving them, the Baron has eyelashes.

Wearing his silly trousers he watches her go into the house.

Here endeth the mini-series
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