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Island at War Parts 3 & 4

Which has the most caps because it contains more wall building and the Baron deciding to fight the senator... for the spoils.

Episode Three

The Senator and the Baron try to cover their dismay at the ramblings of the Island Baliff… and his hat. The Baron threatens everyone a bit because of the landser.

Back at home the Senator expresses his displeasure at the threats. The Baron isn’t that worried to be fair.

He decides to get one of the local policemen to be his new chauffeur. The policeman is less than chuffed (see the classic British actor doing ‘less than chuffed).

But later decides to ask if he can go and visit his mother who has been banged up for being a dotty old mare. The Baron is confused, and agrees that possibly attacking a landser with a poker when you’re a dotty old woman is fairly reasonable behaviour and she should be set free. Unfortunately being a dotty old woman she unwittingly spills the beans about the British spies before she is released.

“This could become our meeting place Mrs Dorr.” He seriously says that.

Mrs Dorr is not that amused… which amuses the Baron.

…until the Senator turns up anyway.

Episode 4

The Baron explains his plan for a runway extension. The senator is not keen to provide the men.

Or paint it green.

They go to the barracks to see Eugene La Salle (the captured spy). The Baron tells his interrogator not to question the senator or his driver’s wife.

The Senator is dismayed at the state of La Salle after questioning, but the Baron explains there is no point cleaning him up so he can recover because he will be shot soon anyway.

One of the Baron’s right hand men decides he wants a party and tries to get the Constable to get some girls for it.

Mrs Dorr’s tyre ‘goes flat’.

She won’t accept a lift so the Baron insists on helping her. She tells him off for intending to kill La Salle.

He points out that it is a bit rich of her to complain that he is telling her how to mend a puncture when she has just been telling him how to run his occupation.

She lets him help her remove the tyre and then he leaves.

The Baron is briefed on the spread of STD’s among his men… whilst he is building the senators wall. *queue lots of wall building caps*

The senator arrives for a chat about La Salle.

The Baron is a bit surprised when the senator offers to be shot instead of La Salle.

The senator explains that he knew La Salle was a spy and told him to turn himself in. The Baron tells him not to tell his interrogator that.

The Baron takes a look at La Salle before he is executed in the Senators orchard. He offers La Salle a chair. He thinks he can manage, the Baron encourages him to (and therefore be brave).

After the execution the Baron orders the tree cut down so it does not become an emblem for the islanders.

The Baron notices Mr Brotherson throwing up behind the potting shed.

It never rains but it pours… Mrs Dorr turns up to see what the shooting was about. The Baron directs Mr Brotherson to go cut down the tree.

The Baron is brooding over his day and is trying not to be upset about having to kill someone. Mrs Dorr comes in, refuses to drink with him and says she is leaving the room. He gets a bit more upset and shouts.

… so she sits down.

It appears the senator has heard the shouting.

They decide to fight. *queue lots of fighting caps*

The Baron could do with some fighting tips from Gene.

… except I always got the impression he wasn't trying to fight.

… and they still won’t have a drink with him. It’s very mean.

Here endeth episode 4
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