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PG Byron screencaps: The Eloquence of Action

The other episode. When I get some more material and decide how I'm going to do it these will be up at Planet of the Clangers in some form.

The new Lady Byron is disturbed to find her husband is not an earlier riser.

The newly weds go for a walk, followed by their servants. Fletcher is of the opinion that Byron getting up at all is a good sign.

After a while Lady Byron decides she wants to meet Byron's sister. The prospect puts Fletcher right off his apples.

During a walk Lady Byron's maid artfully discovers Fletcher's marital status.

They return to London.

Byron has run out of brandy and goes looking for Fletcher in the middle of the night. Fletcher has been otherwise engaged.

Time passes. Fletcher goes to ask Byron for permission to marry the maid. Byron points a gun at him and then laughs hysterically for a bit.

They get married anyway.

Byron stuff happens. Lady Byron decides to go to see her parents (and get a divorce). This means Fletcher is separated from his new wife. She tries to leave but he won't let go at first... it's all very sweet.

Byron is forced to leave to country because of the scandal. Three years pass and Byron grows his hair again. Fletcher does important things like collect the mail.

Shelley comes for a visit. Fletcher doesn't like Italian food very much.

Byron gets rid of his mistress after she learns to read. She decides to jump off the balcony into the water below. Fletcher appears used to odd state of affairs by this point.

Time passes. Fletcher misses his wife and polishes a little painting he has of her. awwww.

Things happen. Shelley is lost at sea. Byron decides to go for a little swim at the cremation.

Time passes. Instead of fighting Fletcher has very important bath related work to do.

They both miss home. Byron misses cricket. Fletcher points out that he misses the women more than the cricket, Byron concedes.

Byron catches a chill due to all the rain (?!?) Fletcher tends to him.

Fletcher isn't that impressed by the doctors intention to bleed his master

Fletcher still polishes his wife's picture.

Fletcher gets to have eyelashes and empty the blood out.

Byron dies.

Fletcher returns to London.

Here ends The Eloquence of Action
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