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PG Byron screencaps: The Summer of the Dormouse

'Byron' is a BBC dramatisation of the life of well... Byron strangely. Philip plays his long suffering man friday Fletcher and although it isn't a big role he tends to be in the back ground a lot, looking downwards as befits a servant, with his mouth open as possibly doesn't. If you click on the small images a full size version should turn up in a new window. Enjoy!

After some blokes set fire to Byron's memoirs we end up on some beach type effort. There are horses. Fletcher is wearing a hat. Just about covers that I think.

Some toff wants to go look at some ruins but Byron is more interested in snogging some local he picked up.  Fletcher tries not to be too upset.

Byron stuff happens.  They go back to London.  Byron's mother snuffs it.  After pouring wine into a skull goblet Fletcher and Byron have a little late night chat.  Fletcher points out that he can't go to bed with his wife because she died while Byron was dragging him around Europe.

Byron stuff happens.  Mainly getting drunk and oogling the servants.  Time passes.  Byron gets a hair cut and goes to London to be famous.  Fletcher and Byron's pet fox appear to be similarly unimpressed by this turn of events.

London tires out poor Fletcher.

It is Fletcher's duty to inform his master that some bird has turned up and is camped out in Byron's bedroom (make up your own jokes).

Byron is peeved that he has been snubbed by someone at a party.  Fletcher is unconcerned.

After some more Byron stuff the aforementioned snubber who also happens to be barking mad turns up at Byron's house disguised as a page.  Letting her in appears to be a mistake.

Byron goes to visit his sister who has a distressing amount of children.  Fletcher is more concerned with transporting Byron's distressingly large collection of books.

Fletcher isn't very good at flying kites (It's meant to go up in the air deary, not along the ground).

Fletcher is just starting to get in with the female serving staff when Byron freaks out after realising that he is making improper advances towards his half sister.  Fletcher is delighted at having to load up the books again.

Since it's the thought that counts and that ship has well and truly sailed Byron decides to get down and dirty with his sister anyway before they leave so there is a slight delay.

After some more plot stuff Byron is convinced to marry in order to deflect attention from his pregnant sister.  Fletcher is quite pleased that Byron's new wife is bringing her personal maid with her (eyelashes alert).

Fletcher is treated to hearing his master describe his new married state as being in hell when he delivers his boots before retiring.

Here ends The Summer of the Dormouse.
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