May 13th, 2007

life on mars - gene and sam - slash
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Not likely that this will change anything, but --

This has been niggling at me ever since I started reading Life on Mars fanfiction. Gene's eyes are always described as "sharp blue" or "penetratingly blue" or "cold blue" or "beautiful blue" or all kinds of variations -- but Philip Glenister's eyes are green. Green, green, green. Not blue -- green. Not even bluish-green, or greenish-blue. They're just flat-out green.

Television lighting almost never reads green eyes properly (or hazel for that matter). Lighter eyes (blue, grey, green) always look blue or bluish, darker eyes (hazel, brown) always look brown or brownish. Several actors with green eyes have commented on this over the years.

Here is an interview with Philip from the Sunday Herald, written by a journalist sitting right there with him, in person. Quote:
Glenister has all the equipment for the screen, big or small: a magnificent face, with features that manage to be thick and sharp at once, a slightly pock-marked complexion that lends poetic resemblance to Richard Burton and, you notice when you meet him, piercing green eyes.
Now, photo shoots and publicity stills are lit entirely differently than television productions, and give you a much, much better opportunity to see the true eye color of the subject. A few examples of photos of Philip Glenister which give you his true eye color (many of these are scaled down to 50% or so, and require mouse-over click to magnify to 100% for better viewing):



here (look all the way to the right and wait for the banner to cross-fade to the photo of Glenister, wearing a wedding ring, with his hand over his mouth),

and here.

I don't expect that many fanfiction writers are going to change their mind about how they perceive Gene's eyes, but I've known that his eyes were green since early on in the series, so it's always vaguely annoyed me; I guess because truly green eyes are far rarer than blue or mixed green/blue, and it seems a shame to waste the opportunity to distinguish one of his finest features as something interestingly different. I don't blame anyone (I mean, when you get right down to it, it's hardly a big deal), but his eyes are such a lovely shade of green; I wish it were something that fanfiction used more often.

ETA: Just an example of how one might use this in a story - Sam's only been close to Gene's face while being slammed up against things, which is hardly conducive to noticing someone's eye color. But, you know, if he's in bed with Gene, face-to-face, staring into his eyes, he might notice, to his utter amazement, that Gene has shockingly beautiful green eyes... the possibilities are endless, really.... *cough*

A little challenge...

Aloha ladies and gents,
I'm currently writing a fic based on a request from bistokidsand it's given me an idea. (Ya'll might wannna duck and cover ;D) 

You lot have got one week to comment on this post with a prompt you'd like to see written. It can be anything from an image to a line of dialogue you've had floating round your brain that won't leave you alone. It can be as detailed or as vague as you like. Bare in mind I mainly write slash (predominantly Gene/Sam) but I can write Gen (When I put my mind to it) and would love a crack at some Ray/Chris, Sam/Chris and anything remotely cracktastic, point me to it. Be kind though folks, don't give me something you know I'm not gonna manage ;)

One prompt each please, unless of course I write yours within the week, then you can have another one. Hope no one minds this.

Luv your friendly neighbourhood nutter.

ETA: I'm gonna delete your prompts once they're done because otherwise I won't be able to keep up. Don't think that lj space has eaten them,lol.

Fic: Suds in the bucket

Title: Suds in the bucket
Author: Moi!
Spoilers: Season 1
Rating: Green Cortina
Word Count: 3639
Pairings: Ray/Chris with a little Gene/Sam chucked in for variety.
Summary: It's moving day. What's an officer of the law doing still living with his parents, anyway?
A/N: After my 'challenge' post i got this little beauty off elfbertI'd love to read some Ray/Chris where not only does Chris move in with Ray, but then, somehow, Gene finds out....Hope this doesn't dissapoint. :)
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Life On Mars

Part two!

Author: echo_voice
Title: Follow the yellow brick road (Part Two of god knows how many)
Rating: Blue Cortina for now (will probably go up)
Pairings: Sam/Annie, Sam/Gene
Spoilers: The whole show, I think! 2.02, 2.07 and 2.08 are the important ones.
Summary: King's proving to be rather elusive, Gene's getting frustrated and Sam is finding it hard to ignore Morgan's words.
Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, and once again a few bits of dialogue have been nicked from the show
A/N: To be honest, I still don't know where this is going! All reviews critical or otherwise are gratefully received. Part One is here

Part Two

6 icons - 2 banners

Heroes -mostly Sylar[spoilers for every apparition of our favorite serial killer]
20 icons
1 animated icon [from the preview for episode 22]
1 wallpaper -group/Peter/Sylar-

Life On Mars [spoilers for season 1 and episode 1 of season 2]
4 icons
2 animated icons
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1 Friends Only banner

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Fic:Bait the lion

Title: Bait the lion
Author: Moi!
Spoilers: Season 2
Rating: Green Cortina
Word Count: 3639
Pairings: Gene/Sam
Summary: One such man sits, propping up the bar, wallowing in his own self made bubble.
A/N: From my prompt 'challenge' this one is sytaxia's prompt~ I'd love to see you do a Sam-unawares-reaction to Sam/Gene... She gave me dialogue to play with but it's too much for this lil space.
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