May 28th, 2006

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Daddy issues

Hello. I've just joined the community after belting through the DVD boxed set (trust me, I seldom stay up to the small hours binging on DVDs, but I just couldn't turn LOM off!)

Anyway, some a thought and a question about that wonderful, harrowing, Episode Eight:

Sam obviously has big "Daddy" issues, and they play a large part in making him what he is. So my question is - had he managed to get Vic to stay, would Sam still be ... Sam? Would he still be the repressed, fiercely ethical copper he is if he had grown up with Vic present instead of absent? If he hadn't had to repress his "bad feelings" like his mother told him to? Would he be a different person if he'd grown up with the real, charming but definitely dodgy Vic as a role model, instead of the idealised version he carried around in his heart?

Hope this make sense - I only had around four hours sleep last night!
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Lack the the Future

Title: Lack to the Future.
Summary: A sort of Life on Mars/Back to the Future crossover fic!
Rating: Green Cortina - one swear word.
Setting: After Episode Eight, but no spoilers.
Disclaimer: Life on Mars belongs to the BBC and Kudos.

I've had a go at writing a LoM/BttF crossover fic. It's short and meant to be funny. You can find it by clicking on the link below to my journal:-

Lack to the Future

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hiya! been vidding instead of studying for my exams...couldn't help it ^^
anyho...on with the vid (a multifandom one):

vid: Time Travelling's a Dangerous Business
vidder: Emiloy
clips: entire LOM and Dr Who (season 2 up to ep 7...quick torrents ^^)
Music: One day I'll fly away, Nicole kidman
Length: a good 5 mins
Size: 36Mb
Summary: Time travel can be dangerous, weather you got there on purpouse or by accident

feedback is great! 

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