May 14th, 2006


The Guv behind the wheel

I've just found out that Mr Philip Glenister will be the 'Star in a Reasonably Priced Car' on Top Gear next week.  And it seems that because of the issues with BBC studio audiences, I shall be forced to attend the recording, since they can't let the general public in... 

Oh dear. Richard Hammond and The Guv in the same studio. I may have just died and gone to heaven. :)

UPDATED May 15th:   Have just had email confirming TG tickets... but also one offering tickets to the recording of Jonathan Ross with John Simm (and Hugh Jackman!)  But its on the same day, so can't do both...

Will be in Surrey finishing up on TG when they are letting folks in for Jonathan Ross.  I want to cry.   


I'm not expecting any sympathy <g>, but I wanted to share my pain.
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Community memories overhaul

It occurred to me that using memories and tags for the same purpose was a bit of a waste of time so I have spent an almost entirely pleasant afternoon successfully avoiding what I should have been doing and deleting all the old memories, re-adding the tagged fanfic to the memories(I will be re-adding the music vids at some point) and searching for clip art of ford cortinas for the lifein1973 rating system. Fic now has at least three memory categories for author, dominant character/s and rating. I tried to go with whatever ratings the author originally gave the fic and take my cue from any warnings. On the other hand since it's 'my' system I suppose it's arguable whether it was possible for me to 'do it wrong'. ;) Hope everyone pretty much approves anyway!

So, given the MPA thing and inspired by the Angry Wombat rating system (on which the explanation text is heavily based not to say almost entirely lifted) behold:

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