April 29th, 2006

Clare_Art Nouveau

Men and Motors

I've written a short comedy fic called Men and Motors, about Gene and Sam taking a ride round Manchester in Gene's car.

Title: Men and Motors
Summary: Gene and Sam go for ride round Manchester, in Gene's car.
Rating: 15+ (Mild Slash)
Setting: Any time. No specific references.
Disclaimer: Life on Mars belongs to the BBC and Kudos.

I've started up a journal so I can keep all my fanfic in some sort of order. You can find the fic by clicking on the link below:-

Men and Motors
Sam 1
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The holday's over - back to the fic!

Have just had two glorious weeks away on holiday in the Caribbean (sigh - happy memories). Now all I have to do is write all the fic I dreamed up whilst I was away. Here's the latest - "Family Ties" - in two parts as it's turning out longer than I expected. I'll post part two as soon as I finish it.

Title: Family Ties - Pt 1
Rating: PG - for violence and mild swearing
Characters: Sam-centric
Disclaimer: LOM and all who sail in her are not mine, I merely borrow them for a while.

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