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Fans of Life On Mars
Friday Drabble Challenge #75 
9th-Apr-2010 12:02 am
The rules, such as they are:
1) A drabble is, by definition a 100 word story. As this is a drabble challenge and not a “snippet” challenge, all responses should be 100 words exactly, no exceptions.
2) I have been asked to keep this to a single posting a week to avoid cluttering people’s flists. So, drabbles will be posted as individual comments under the posting. IF you would like to post your drabble on your own LJ and link to it that’s all right too. Just put that link in a comment under the posting.
3) PLEASE try to remember to put the word “DRABBLE” in the subject line of your comment. That way anyone who might want to read them will be able to easily spot the drabbles in amongst any reader comments the drabbles might receive.
RATING: Rather than worrying about individual headings I’m just going to say that any drabbles posted for these challenges might be a Brown or even Red Cortina for content/language, so let the reader beware!

PLEASE try to remember to make each drabble a comment in response to the original post. That way, if the comments start to collapse, the drabbles themselves should remain visible. Thanks.


This week's prompt is:


9th-Apr-2010 08:46 am (UTC) - Drabble: Is There a Moonlight Up Ahead
The man stood, his head bowed. He unwrapped the bouquet of flowers and spoke softly, affectionately.

"It's your favourite, Mum - carnations. 'Because they last.'"

Kneeling, he pushed the stems through the holes in the vase, then looked critically at the result and sighed.

"Sorry I'm a bit late this month, Mum... Dad. It's just - life's been busy. Complicated. I'm going undercover next week on a special operation. They've promised a promotion if it goes well." He smiled. "If I make no mistakes."

He touched the stone tenderly. "I'll be back next month, promise. I won't forget.

"Love you forever."

Gravestone of David and Brenda Williams</a>
9th-Apr-2010 09:02 am (UTC) - Re: Drabble: Is There a Moonlight Up Ahead
Oh Sam, that is so so sad.
9th-Apr-2010 08:52 am (UTC) - Mistake
This was the worst possible place, in Manchester, in the world, in all of the bloody universe, to make that mistake.

In the pub, where masculinity was the order of the day. Where the smells of sweat and smoke and booze hung so fully in the air, Chris sometimes swore he could feel it the atmosphere suffusing into his skin, like a taint in the blood.

In the smallest of leather-backed corners, he'd turned the heads of everyone in the pub, turning hiw own world on its axis. A mistake, a decision made in a heartbeat, to slide a hand down to his Boss' knee.

"I-I'm sorry, Chris. I'm not...that way."
10th-Apr-2010 08:02 am (UTC) - Re: Mistake
Oh, Chris. :(

Beautifully written though. I love the description of the smoke and booze tainting his blood, really poetic. ♥
9th-Apr-2010 09:00 am (UTC) - Mistake
Sam curled up into a ball on his bed and fought the sheet that was trying to engulf him. His head ached, his stomach ached, and his shoulders ached. He gave up thinking about how much of him ached and wiggled his toes in the hope that they didn’t ache. But they did. He peered cautiously at the television expecting to see the blurry face of a doctor saying that there was a problem with his medication. Nothing. He groaned pathetically. It had been a very bad mistake to bet Chris that he could beat him at Ray’s drinking game.
10th-Apr-2010 06:00 am (UTC) - Re: Mistake
I bet Ray - or even Chris - could drink Sam under the table. ;)
9th-Apr-2010 09:04 am (UTC) - Drabble: Eternal Return
Coming here was a mistake.

With childlike naivety, she’d thought herself prepared- thought she’d seen every breed and shade of grief that there was to see.

They’d taught her the words to describe it all; ways to smile and ways to sit, and ways to hold a hand. Like any good student, she’d studied hard, and been rewarded for her efforts.

But standing in this place, face-to-face with her past, all the ways and words deserted her.

“Mrs Tyler? I’m- Annie Cartwright. I’m a police psychologist.”

Coming here was a mistake.

But she couldn’t stop now.

“Can I come in?”
10th-Apr-2010 08:06 am (UTC) - Re: Drabble: Eternal Return
Oh, Annie. I love this drabble to pieces. Thank you so much for writing it!
9th-Apr-2010 10:20 am (UTC) - Drabble: Broken
"Knew this was a mistake."

"Sorry, Gene. Didn't know this'd happen."

"No? Blind Freddie could've predicted it. So what're we gonna do about it?"

"I'll fix it in the morning."

"You? Don't make me laugh."

"Worked in an hardware store."

"Like I said, don't make me laugh. We did give it a workout though, didn't we."

"You know, now that I look at it I think it's broken for good."

"Right. In the morning I'll get you a new bed, Dorothy."

"Two conditions: I buy you dinner, and after that we do our best to break it too."

"You're on!"
10th-Apr-2010 08:26 am (UTC) - Re: Drabble: Broken
HAHA! They so would though. Great banter as ever! <3
9th-Apr-2010 03:03 pm (UTC) - Drabble: Kiss With A Fist
“Big mistake!”

“Oh yeah?”

A fist, a filing cabinet.

A novel way to greet your new DI.

A punch, a kick.

Just a couple of days spent in Tyler’s presence, and Gene knows he’s in too deep.

A fist, a punch.

Tyler fights back. That’s something new. It’s been a long time since anyone fought back.

A kick, a kiss.

Snarling, grappling, Gene brings Sam’s head down to connect with his knee. Ten minutes later, he’s kissing it better.

A kiss, a punch.

“Sorry, Guv.” Tyler gets out of bed with a grimace. “This was a mistake.”

Gene feels winded.
9th-Apr-2010 03:10 pm (UTC) - Re: Drabble: Kiss With A Fist
I squeed when I saw the name. Love the drabble but you broke my heart with the end. You're a genius. Cruel, but a genius nonetheless.

And to match your angsty!Gene icon, here's my emo!Sam icon.
9th-Apr-2010 03:52 pm (UTC) - Drabble: Betrayal
“What do we do now then, sir?”

“We wait for Hunt to make a mistake.”

“But he’s always got DI Tyler to back him up, hasn’t he?”

“Then we bring them both down. Pass me the phone, Skelton.”

Morgan dials. Chris watches, and waits.

“Stephen Warren? Yes, we need your help. No, that won’t be necessary. I said, no.”

Tucked away beneath his jacket, Chris really hopes Morgan can’t hear the tape machine whirring.

He’s only got one shot at this. If Morgan suspects, he won’t make it out alive.

“Chris? Come in, yeh div.” A radio crackles into life.
9th-Apr-2010 04:34 pm (UTC) - Re: Drabble: Betrayal
Damn. I would *love* to see more of this in a full fic. You are brilliant, woman. <333
9th-Apr-2010 04:03 pm (UTC) - Drabble: Borrowed Time & Broken Promises
Gene stared out the window, a scotch in his hand. He’d be leaving for London soon. One last look at the city that had once been his and later became theirs. Things had been good between them, so very good. For seven years they were partners, for five they were lovers but one stupid mistake and the life Sam had promised him was gone. Sam’s body was never found and but was just as well because Gene couldn’t have survived that. Gene closed his eyes and for the first time since the news, let himself break.

“I miss you, Sammy-boy.”
10th-Apr-2010 08:46 am (UTC) - Re: Drabble: Borrowed Time & Broken Promises
My heart, it is broken.

God, Lucy, this is beautiful.

*needs a hug*

And to match your angsty!icon, here's my...indentical angsty icon.
9th-Apr-2010 04:28 pm (UTC) - Drabble: Serendipity
Sam finds himself on the floor the moment he opens his eyes. He can’t remember the events that led him here. He does remember drinking at the Railway Arms and something about a fight with Gene and then Gene helping him home, citing that it was the most pissed Gene had ever seen him (a big mistake). His hangover is so intense that the noises from the kitchen are agonising - wait, who’s in the kitchen? Gene carries out a plate, hands it to him and steals a kiss.

Sam thinks this was probably the best mistake he ever made.
9th-Apr-2010 04:53 pm (UTC) - Re: Drabble: Serendipity
YES! :D Oh, you have no idea how much I needed to read that. ♥
10th-Apr-2010 01:21 am (UTC) - Drabble: Addict
Gene Hunt decided that, if nothing else, his relationship with his DI had given him a new perspective on the word ‘addiction’. Truth was he was addicted to holding him. The whole, warm length of Sam pressed tight against him, leather jacket creaking a little as he inhaled pure Sam, satisfied him like nothing else could.

So if he was occasionally tempted to think that his relationship with his DI was a mistake, all he had to remember was the feel of Sam against him, and he knew that this was never a mistake - never could be - addiction or not.
10th-Apr-2010 08:40 am (UTC) - Re: Drabble: Addict
Some lovely images in this. I am a total sucker for headoverheels!Gene. ♥
10th-Apr-2010 07:46 pm (UTC)
His mistake was wanting to leave. Building a life even as he fought the reality of it, fought to get home, to what? To process with no meaning, to right and wrong with the lines already drawn, to dull greys without colour.

He was smiling when he jumped.

He saw the blinding sunlight and heard the shouts for help and he saved the day! He threw his head back and laughed at the sky. He kissed Annie, he kissed Gene and would have kissed Ray if not for the clenched fist.

A single mistake redeemed. Time to make some more.
10th-Apr-2010 07:56 pm (UTC)
elfinessy! ♥

This is wonderful, especially that last line. Finally Sam finds his place. :)
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